Embedded Software - Digital Signal Processing

Embedded Software

Videtur develops embedded software for production machines, medical equipment and consumer products. The systems may be big or small and may or may not have an Operating System (OS). The knowledge of hardware and being able to understand electronic schematics and chip specifications are important for embedded software, especially when the embedded software is 'close' to the hardware. Videtur has also developed parts of operating systems and several drivers.

Videtur has more than 20 years of experience in embedded software working for companies like TomTom, Philips and ASML.

Digital Signal Processing

Videtur has more than 6 years of experience in Digital Signal Processing (DSP):

Mobile Hearing Aid

Inside Videtur a new hearing device is developed to support the hearing impaired persons. A mobile device that is worn on the body and is connected to a wired headset can offer a high DSP performance because it doesn't have the size and power limitations that traditional hearing aids have. This high DSP performance allows it to run state-of-the-art DSP algorithms in order to bring the most optimum sound to the user.


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